New anime list for next term || New anime 2023

[Spring 2023 anime] New anime list for next term (starting broadcasting in April

1) The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls U149


one afternoon.
Alice was in a room at a certain entertainment office during the summer vacation.

There, I met eight girls with different grades and personalities.
The name of the room is "The 3rd Performing Arts Division".
In a dusty little room, little (under 149cm) girls dream.

From here, my story as an idol begins.
Then, a wonderful producer like a prince appeared!
…… Instead, he was a young man who had just become a producer.
A rookie producer who is only motivated and girls who have everything from the future.

I wondered why my job was so difficult, and the next day I laughed and climbed the stairs hand in hand.
Will Alice and her friends be able to go to the dream stage they once saw?
A new story born from "THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS".

TV Tokyo: Every Wednesday from April 5th 24:00

BS11: Every Monday from April 10, 23:30


Alice Tachibana: Amina Sato
Momoka Sakurai: Haruka Terui
Miria Akagi: Tomoyo Kurosawa
Risa Matoba: collection of shellfish
Haruyuki Yuki: Makoto Koichi
Chie Sasaki: Manatsu Imai
Kaoru Ryuzaki: Natsumi Haruse
Nina Ichihara: Misaki Kuno
Koharu Koga: ? ? ? ?
Producer: Yuki Yonai

2). blue orchestra


Hajime Aono was active in competitions until the first year of junior high school under the influence of his violinist father. When his father left home, he left the violin and became lethargic. However, in the fall of his third year of junior high school, he meets Ritsuko Akine, and by teaching her the violin as a beginner, he begins to face music again.

Aono, who has reconfirmed the joy of music, enters Umaku High School, which has a powerful orchestra club, with Akine. He works hard with his rivals and friends, confronts himself and his past, and refines his talents. Not only Aono, but also the club members who have various troubles related to their families and talents. While overcoming each of them, we will work together to create our own performances for regular concerts. A youth ensemble drama that makes you communicate with music.

Broadcast information

NHK E Tele: Every Sunday from 17:00 starting April 9


Hajime Aono: Shoya Chiba
Ritsuko Akine: Ai Kakuma
Nao Saeki: Shinba Tsuchiya
Haru Kozakura: Minako Sato
Ichiro Yamada: Makoto Furukawa
Shizuka Tachibana: Lynn
Hatori Leaf: Shintaro Asanuma
Aoi Harada: Junya Noki
Tatsuhito Aono: Ryutaro Okiayu

3). Alice Gear Aegis Expansion


time is the future
The Tokyo Shard returns to normal after Operation Aki is over.
The number of attacks by Weiss has decreased, and the members of Narikozaka Seisakusho are having a lot of free time.
I want to become an actress that I admire
A girl knocked on the door, but...

Broadcast information

TOKYO MX: Every Monday from April 3rd at 25:05

BS Nippon Television: Every Tuesday from April 4, 23:30

MBS: Every Tuesday from April 4th at 26:30

AT-X: Every Wednesday from 21:00 on April 5th

* Repeat broadcast: Every Friday from 9:00 / Every Tuesday from 15:00

Ensemble Stars! ! Memories Selection "Element"


The stage of the story is "! ] Spring on the timeline. Looking back on the story of "fine" and "five odd people" that happened at Yumenosaki Gakuin a year ago from the perspective of Natsume Sakasaki.

4). This is the second time I've been summoned to another world.


Setsu was once summoned to another world, Éclair, and brought peace after a war.

However, after the battle, he was reincarnated in his original world and started his second life.

After becoming a high school student, Setsu is once again summoned to Eclair.

Five years have passed in Eclair, and the world is once again showing signs of war...

Broadcast information

ABC TV / TV Asahi affiliated network of 24 stations nationwide 

"ANiMAZiNG!!!" Frame: Every Friday from April 7th 26:00

BS11: Every Saturday from April 8th at 24:30

*Broadcast date and time are subject to change.

5). I gained cheat powers in another world, and now I'm matchless in the real world ~Leveling up changed my life~


Yuuya Tenjou, a boy who has been bullied severely since childhood and has despaired of life.
One day, Yuya opened the "door to another world" that she found by chance, and as a person who visited another world for the first time, she acquired cheat-class abilities and achieved an amazing level-up...
Reborn as a perfect boy.
Furthermore, leveling up in another world began to affect the real world...

Broadcast information

TOKYO MX: Every Thursday from April 6th at 24:30

BS11: Every Thursday from April 6th at 24:30

KBS Kyoto: Every Thursday from April 6th 25:00

Sun TV: Every Thursday from April 6th 25:00

6). A different world with your smartphone. 2


Mochizuki Touya, who died due to God's mistake, starts a second life in another world.
Touya has a body raised by God and a smartphone that can be used in another world.
While meeting various people and gaining precious friends, the protagonist will eventually learn the secrets of this world.
Inheriting the legacy of an ancient civilization, he joins forces with the comfortable kings of the world and travels around the world with girls with unique personalities.

Broadcast information

TV Tokyo: From April 3, every Sunday from 26:00

BS TV Tokyo: Every Wednesday from April 6th at 24:30

AT-X: Every Monday from April 3rd at 23:30

* Repeat broadcast: Every Wednesday from 11:30 / Every Friday from 17:30

7). Isekai One-Turn Kill Nee-san ~Begin Life in Another World with My Sister~


It wasn't me who was the strongest in the other world, but my sister!?

Ikusaba Asahi, a boy who loves games, gets into a traffic accident and goes to another world.

Even though he tries to enjoy the adventurer life he longs for, his status is villager level.

Chased by monsters, what appeared in front of him in a big pinch was――

"Are you okay, brother!"

The one who knocked down the monster in one turn was Maya Gunba, who came after Chaoyang!

Maya possesses an incredible cheat skill.

However, she dotes on Chaoyang to an excessive degree...

The strongest bracon sister and the weakest status younger brother who receives her doting.

A different world life story that is not "Oretsue!!" but "Anetsue!!" begins here!

Broadcast information

TOKYO MX: Every Saturday from April 8th at 22:30

Broadcast on BS Fuji and others

8). Uma Musume Pretty Derby Road to the Top


Classic triple crown race "Satsuki Award" "Japan Derby" "Kikuka Award"

Winning the race, which can be challenged only once in a lifetime, is the dream of every Uma Musume and every Trainer.

"Narita Top Road", "Admire Vega", and "Tie M Opera Oh", the horse girls, who were called the three strongest, compete for the top with the feeling that they can never lose, a hot classical battle front.
――The Uma Musume's new series distribution animation project is finally starting.

Broadcast information

Scheduled to be distributed on April 16th on Uma Musume's official YouTube channel "Paka Tube!"



This is another answer of "Ultraman" - the battle for the fate of the world with "Dark Star" is over, and the earth has obtained peace.
But a new threat silently creeps up on the warriors.
A new battle begins over the Ultraman factor that dwells in Shinjiro!

Broadcast information

Netflix: Spring 2023 Global Exclusive Distribution


Shinjiro Hayata: Ryohei Kimura
Moroboshi bullet: Takuya Eguchi
Hokuto Seiji: Ban Megumi
Susumu Hayata: Hideyuki Tanaka
Jack: Ryota Takeuchi
Higashi Kotaro: Tomoaki Maeno
Rena Sayama: Sumire Morohoshi
Mitsuhiro Ide: Uoken
Ed: Shigeru Ushiyama
Yosuke Endo: Eiji Hanawa
Kurata: Hirokazu Sekido
Adado Kenjiro Tsuda
Valkyrie: M・A・O
Mephisto: Koji Ishii
Shiraishi: Minoru Shiraishi
Bemler: Kaiji Sose

10). CEDENS ZERO Issue 2


Shiki, a boy who lives with machines in the land of dreams, Granbell, meets Rebecca, a video distributor (B Cuba), who is the first visitor in 100 years, and Happy, a blue cat.
Shiki and the others immediately hit it off and became "friends"... this small encounter will change their "destiny" greatly!!
A boy, a girl, and a blue cat set off on an endless adventure in an unseen world!

Broadcast information

NTV: Every Saturday from April 1st, 24:55


Shiki: Takuma Terashima
Rebecca: Mikako Komatsu
Happy: Rie Kugimiya
Wise: Hiromichi Tezuka
Pino: Shiori Izawa
Homura: Shiki Aoki
Witch: Kiyono Yasuno
Sister: Yukiyo Fujii
Hermit: Kanade Takao
Mosco: Mitsuo Iwata
Xiao Mei: Honoka Inoue
Drakken: Daisuke Kusunoki
Laguna: Taku Yashiro
Sylph: Rumi Okubo
Phi: Toshiki Masuda
Daichi: Atsushi Imaruoka

11). Edomae elf


Tsukishima, Chuo Ward, Tokyo.
"Takamimi Shrine" has a history of more than 400 years since the Edo period.

The enshrined deity was an elf who had been summoned from another world and completely withdrawn.
Koito Koganei, the 15th shrine maiden of Takamimi Shrine, serves the divine Elf Elda.

While being swayed by Erda, who enjoys modern civilization and otaku hobbies, her heart flutters with the culture of Edo that she teaches, and the connection between the people of Tsukishima and Elda is unbroken.
But this elf is too lazy!

On top of that, an elf and shrine maiden duo from another shrine also appeared...!?
A relaxed downtown comedy that connects Edo and Reiwa begins.

Broadcast information

MBS: Every Thursday from April 6th at 26:25

TBS: Every Thursday from April 6th at 26:25

BS-TBS: Every Thursday from April 6th at 27:00

AT-X: Every Tuesday from April 11th 23:30

* Repeat broadcast
Every Thursday from 11:30 / Every Monday from 17:30

12). King Ranking Treasure Chest of Courage


"King Ranking" is a TV anime about the adventures of Boggi, a powerless prince who is deaf and unable to speak, and his best friend, Kage.
And in this work "King's Ranking Treasure Box of Courage", the unknown "story of courage" of Bogge, Kage, and the friends who gather around them will be drawn.

Broadcast information

Broadcast on Fuji TV "Noitamina" and others from April 2023


Bodge: Hinata Minami
Shadow: Ayumu Murase
Daida: Yuki Kaji
Hilling: Rina Sato
Domus: Takuya Eguchi
Bevin: Yoji Ueda
Apis: Hiroki Yasumoto
Dolce: Hinata Tadokoro
Mole: Daiki Yamashita
Desper: Takahiro Sakurai
Death Heart: Yoshimitsu Shimoyama
Oken: Koji Yusa
Milanjo: Maaya Sakamoto

13). Opus COLORs


――What color is your world?

About 10 years have passed since "Perception Art" was born in the art world.

It has now permeated the world and colored people's lives.

Kazuya Tsukimi Sato, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Tsukimi Sato, who were both the creators of perception art and a famous “artist,” joined Eiji, a prestigious artist in the art field, with the dream of becoming a perception artist himself, along with his childhood friend Jun Tsuzuki. I just entered Akane High School. Kazuya had another purpose.

That is, regaining friendship with "another childhood friend" who started to avoid himself after "a certain incident" that happened 10 years ago...

Hibiki Tanase, who has a father who is the creator of perception art and is also a famous "grader", is a third-year student at Nagaakane High School's Perception Art Department, majoring in grader. Kazuya and Jun are childhood friends, but he has been avoiding them for years.

There was a scar in Hibiki's heart that could never be revealed...

there were…….

Various “colors” and “colors” that collide and overlap.

What is the scenery "color" reflected in their eyes?

Welcome to the world of youth [art] stories drawn now.

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